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Who has the better plane? Hillary Clinton's blue 737 or Donald Trump's customized 757?

On its maiden voyage as a campaign plane, Mrs Clinton ended up parked within sight of Mr Trump’s aircraft. When Hillary was asked how she felt about seeing his plane Mrs Clinton replied simply “I didn’t feel anything. Was I supposed to?”

Mr Trump’s aircraft has a more elaborate interior complete with a “24 karat gold plated sink”  and also ”You’ll notice that the seat belts as well as everything else is 24 karat gold plated.”

Mrs Clinton’s aircraft features a more standard configuration carrying 96 passengers whereas Mr Trump’s carries only 43, seating them in chairs adorned with the Trump family logo. Unlike Mr Trump, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have her own bedroom on board.

One major difference is that Mrs Clinton’s aircraft is chartered or leased whereas Mr Trump bought his aircraft used and it’s now 25 years old. To not loose touch with the electorate Mr Trump makes up for all that gold plating by sending out photos of himself eating McDonalds and KFC, albeit with a knife and fork.

However in terms of American politics as a whole, there is no question whose plane is the biggest, the President’s, Air Force One.

Text and adapted from CNN article Copyright 2016, CNN. All rights reserved.

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