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Gulfstream Aerospace has released an iOS app that enables Gulfstream G650/G650ER pilots to calculate takeoff and landing performance data quickly. The Gulfstream Performance app, a companion to the aircraft manufacturer’s PlaneBook electronic suite of flight crew information, displays output data graphically.

The Gulfstream Performance app makes complex information easy to consume for the flight crew because it is presented in a clear and simple visual format,” said Gulfstream Product Support president Derek Zimmerman. “The accuracy of the data, the intuitive visual interface and the time-saving features make this app invaluable.”

According to Gulfstream, the app uses a verified weight-and-balance file that allows operators to determine takeoff and landing weights for their specific airplane after inputting the number of passengers, cargo and fuel loads. The app also uses real-time airport and weather data when connected to the Internet.

It can calculate balanced and unbalanced field lengths and speeds; takeoff speed distance visualization; remaining stopping distance; factored and unfactored landing distance visualization; remaining runway; and abnormal-flap landing performance. Gulfstream plans to add more aircraft models to the app, and future enhancements will include cruise and mission planning and standalone weight-and-balance computation. The app is available from the Apple App Store for all G650/G650ER PlaneBook users.

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